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I believe that quality legal representation requires four key elements.


Limiting a lawyer’s practice to one or two particular areas of the law allows that lawyer to be more proficient in those areas. I have specialized in the areas of Auto Accident Law and Workers’ Compensation Law since 1985.


Answering my clients’ questions, returning telephone calls promptly and taking as much time as is necessary to review and explain matters to the client, is crucial to providing quality legal representation. I always strive to respond to our clients requests and questions, promptly, personally and efficiently. As an additional consideration to our clients, we offer Saturday morning office hours and free notary services.

Acting In The Client’s Best Interest

An attorney’s course of action should always be focused on what is best for the client. Acting in the best interest of the client is my primary focus.

Reasonable Fees

Quality legal representation should not come at a high price. I strive to provide quality legal services at very reasonable rates. In many cases, most or all of our fees are paid by the other party or an insurance company.